THANK YOU everyone for attending and showing your love and support to the After Hours Electric Prog Jam!

THANK YOU to all the performers who participated, who spent months suggesting songs, who jumped from one song to another so that the songs we love could get played night after night and to those who created videos throughout our process for all to enjoy. We would like to send out the biggest THANK YOU to all of you for practicing and preparing your songs so that at the given moment you were ready to hit the stage and perform like the professionals you are. And a big THANK YOU to those of you who brought extra equipment and gear to further complete our musical experience.


We would like to give thanks to all the ship's talent who signed up to play with us (and those who surprised us by joining in) who added an extra element of excitement to the proceedings: Jon Davison, Geoff Downes, Mike Thorne, Randy George, Jimmy Keegan, Ted Leonard, Doug Ott, Durga McBroom-Hudson, Lorelei McBroom, John Young, Gabriel Agudo, Yatim Halimi and Leon Parr for playing one or more songs with us. You really made this a once in a lifetime experience for the players as you graced the stage with us. Your presence enhanced the pleasure of the audience as well.

We would like to say THANK YOU to all of our volunteers who assisted us in oh so many ways. Marcus and Sandy Frutchey for handling the receipt and transport of our backdrop banner. To Ed and Suzanne Mulhall for the receipt and transportation of the AHEPJ shirts. To our incredible MC Rob Rutz who did a fantastic job. To our man behind the scenes, our Stage Manager Will Corvino. To our video crew Gary Hobish, Kevin Blue and Lisa Fossett whose footage will be assemble, edited and put up on this website for all to enjoy. To our stage technicians, Tom Matlosz on guitars, Joel Simches on bass patrol, our drum tech, Mark Bocain. To our Keyboard tech, who in general, saved the day because without him the show may have grinded to an early halt, who not only supplied several keyboards, but arranged programming months in advance and wrangled all our keyboard players in. A big thank you to Mr. Alex Keyboards!!


A hidden special thanks to our secret Santa Rob Schmoll and his partner Lenny Piazza. Also, a big thanks to Bob Harris for suppling both three teared keyboard stands, Bill and Devora Goldman for their Melotron, Tim Palsson and Ken Slater for their guitar tuners and to all our unsung heroes who brought extra drums accessories, pedals for drums and guitars and additional percussion.

We'd especially want to thank our five panel jury who worked tiredlessly for 9 months. They made the hard decisions, sometimes painful desicions of who would be allowed through the AHEPJ gate. We would really love to name them but then it wouldn't be a secret jury, aye? ...
You know who you are and how much we appreciated all of your help and wisdom. We love you all!


And the biggest THANK YOU of all goes to YOU, who came to witness this happening night after night. We saw many of you in the elevators and on the stairs telling us you were opting out of the bigger shows so that you could get a good seat in Bar City. Your excitment matched ours as we all watched what was taking place on the stage. It was a moment, and it was a moment that none of us wanted to miss.



We'd like to give a special thanks to Joe Wright for being cool about the distribution of the pre-sold shirts and not shutting us down for not following protocol. Same goes for Dave and his video crew for allowing us to film on his turf.


We'd like to send a big thank you to Martin our soundmand whose southern gentleman attitude helped keep things rolling smoothly.



We need to give a really big big thanks to our host Larry Morand for allowing and arranging the room, back-line and all the unseen things he made happen for us for all of our shenanigans. Without him and his team (not forgetting our new best friends Bill, Martin and PJ ) this happening would not have happened and we would just be a bunch of drama bums gathered around a splintered piano. Also, if it wasn't for him and his vision in bringing prog out to the open seas this concept would have never happened. Nor would all the magic moments, great bonds of camaraderie and friendships that have blossomed and have been made. We love you Larry and for this opportunity you have provided. You are our angel.


Again, thank you all. We hope we can do it again for you and grow it and old together.

All our love,

Rael and JoJo